Sex and Love Step Recovery Booklet
Third Edition

A basic twelve-step approach to developing a firm recovery foundation
For step retreats, other similar group events, mentorship, sponsorship, and individual use


You have arrived at, the home of the Sex and Love Step Recovery Booklet. This site is not affilated with any other organizations. Our intention is to provide the best in recovery materials to those seeking freedom from love addiction and sex addiction.

There are several reasons:

  • Content is provided to maximize effectiveness in group environments, mentorship situations, and personal progress through the Twelve Steps.
  • The use of checklists, analogies, examples, clarifications, and encouragement make the booklet easy to follow.
  • The origins of the Recovery Movement are presented clearly and concisely.
  • For each of the Twelve Steps, presentation is clean and comprehensive, the step's objective is clearly stated, and practical information on what to do is provided.
  • Step One is presented in a way that encourages coverage of the reader's entire array of addictive patterns, making repeating the steps in multiple fellowships unnecessary.
  • Steps Four and Twelve are presented in a form that is significantly more sensible, well rooted, and deep-reaching than any existing materials.
  • Recovery progress is encouraged through inviting the reader at appropriate points in each chapter to stop reading and engage in actual step activity.
  • Focus is maintained on the successful twelve-step model of recovery, avoiding conceptual clutter and eliminating unnecessary work.
  • The connection between love addiction, sex addiction, and social, sexual, and emotional anorexia is addressed.

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